Greenopia is a comprehensive guide to green businesses, originally launched in 2005 as a green city guide series, now re-launching as an online multimedia platform with a mobile app: ebooks and print guides, original/streaming environmental content. 


“If you want to save the planet…we’ve got a book that I think will be a fantastic place to start, particularly if you travel, and all of us do: the Greenopia guide [has] thousands of tips on how you can live, eat, shop and do just about anything greener, more ecologically friendly than we ever, ever, ever dreamed would be possible.”

Sam Champion – Good Morning America

“If you’re really committed to greening your ways, there’s no excuse for not dining, building, cleaning, even sleeping eco-consciously—and this comprehensive guide will help you do just that.”

Los Angeles Confidential

“Shop green with Greenopia’s New York City guide to eco-friendly businesses. Find nail salons, car services and cleaners that won’t hurt the planet.”


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