Green Heart Quiz

How Green Is Your Heart Quiz

Are you curious to know just how eco-friendly you are in your daily life? Take our “How Green Is Your Heart?” quiz and find out! This quiz will help you gauge your current level of environmental consciousness and give you insights into areas where you can make positive changes for a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Is there an air purification system in your home, office or school?
2. Which one of these is not like the others?
3. How often is your cell phone close to your body?
4. Do you consider the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner an important factor when choosing a product?
5. Do you think your skincare has an impact on the environment?
6. How often do you to purchase organic food?
7. If you eat meat, how often do you consume it?
8. Do you think that the type of cleaning products you use have an impact on your health or the environment?
9. How often do you use a Teflon pan to cook with?
10. Have you ever had your blood tested for heavy metals or other toxins?
12. How often do you print documents double-sided?
11. When making a clothing purchase, how often do you think about the materials used and the manufacturing process?
12. How often do you print documents double-sided?
13. When driving or purchasing a car, do you consider its environmental impact?
14.When making a purchase, do you consider a company’s sustainability policy?
15. How often do you donate time or resources to environmental organizations on either a local or global scale?