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Environmental Health Advisor and Author of Living With a Green Heart. Gay has made it her life’s mission to educate people on how to lead a greener, healthier life and how to leave a lighter footprint on this earth, and the book is a guide to educate and implement.

When her son was diagnosed with ailments attributable to astounding levels of toxins in his body, Gay set out on a journey that led her to become an environmental pioneer. In 1994, even before the US Green Building Council established the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines for environmental building verification, Gay created what she calls “an optimal personal environmental health space.” She began designing and constructing the first completely environmentally responsible home of its kind. She’s also the founder of Greenopia, a company dedicated to achieving personal and community environmental health through small and large habit and behavioral adjustments. Greenopia is a comprehensive, best-selling series of city-by-city guidebooks listing local eco-friendly resources.

“Environmental issues have long been a concern for millions of people, but it is easy to feel disempowered and overwhelmed. In With a Green Heart,” Browne shares a roadmap for making incremental changes that will ultimately affect cumulative environmental change. She shifts the conversation from large-scale environmental issues to individual ones that promote personal environmental health.

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Welcome to my new podcast Living with a Green Heart, the show that shares stories, secrets, and sins from living a green life. This is the show for you if you want to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle but struggle with guilt or uncertainty. Learn more

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Living with a Green Heart

“Living with a Green Heart” by Gay Browne is a thought-provoking and inspiring guide for anyone looking to positively impact the planet. Through her own personal journey towards sustainability, Browne invites readers to explore the ways in which our daily choices can have a significant impact on the environment and our own well-being.

With a gentle and encouraging tone, Browne offers practical tips and advice on everything from reducing waste to eating a more plant-based diet. She shares her experiences living a more sustainable lifestyle and her lessons.

What makes “Living with a Green Heart” truly revolutionary is Browne’s emphasis on the connection between environmentalism and personal growth. She shares that by living in harmony with nature, we can improve not only the health of the planet but also our own mental and emotional well-being.

Overall, “Living with a Green Heart” is a must-read for anyone looking to live a more sustainable and fulfilling life. Browne’s passion for the environment and practical advice make this book an engaging and compelling call to action.