An Invitation to Renew Your Relationship with Our Mother

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An Invitation to Renew Your Relationship with Our Mother

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Despite growing awareness and efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. The fact is that this will lead to more frequent and severe weather events, rising sea levels, and other destructive consequences on all living beings. However, there is still hope. Let’s take intentional action now to reduce emissions, transition to renewable energy, and protect natural habitats. Together, we can slow the progression of the climate crisis and strive toward a regenerative future. 

At this moment, we must reclaim our personal agency, and understand that our choices matter, that we matter. Ask yourself what you can do and help others to do the same, keeping in mind that fear-based tactics, guilting, and shaming are not effective in creating any sort of desired change. Instead, be a beacon of light, hope, and joy, and demonstrate how to hold mother earth in deep reverence for the freshness, oxygen, and life she’s bestowed upon us. She is not without feelings, pain, and suffering, and yet she continues to sustain everyone and everything. In your days to come, perhaps take one deep breath, take one mindful moment to appreciate her, and cast your heart with care, compassion, healing, and love. There is no boundary between you, her, or any other human or species, we’re all interconnected, matter of fact, a conscious and healthy YOU creates a healthy and conscious EARTH and vice versa. With this awareness, you’ll start taking life-affirming action, and even when it is inconvenient or hard, you’ll be an activist. 

When we travel, our minds and hearts become more fertile for growth and expansion, often planting seeds of newfound awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the web of life that bonds us. Transformational travel is when we take these gifts and make meaningful changes in our lives, even becoming more alive, more attuned, and more mindful of why and how we live, how we care, and how we give. 

We at the TTC are dedicating our work to cause-driven initiatives that are centered on cultivating such behavior changes, traveling and living more mindfully, and fostering positive, holistic change at a traveler, host, and community level. Our rigorously developed programs and products are hard-hitting, accessible solutions to some challenging and relevant issues we’re confronting in tourism and as a society today and tomorrow.

So this Earth Day, take time to reflect on the beauty and fragility of our planet and the responsibility we have to care for her. Sustainable, conscious, and regenerative travel and tourism can play a vital role in this effort, by promoting responsible and ethical practices that reduce the impact of human activities on the environment. We are wholeheartedly committed to advancing this mission through our research and educational work. By supporting our efforts, you can help us to continue to spread the word and to develop innovative solutions that will make travel and tourism more sustainable, and create a future where Earth and its inhabitants can regenerate and thrive. 

To close, I’d like to share our core value at the TTC … ‘Renewal.’ To restore, reinvigorate, and refresh. A return to an ideal, true state. Requires intentional action and results in rewarding transformations. Infuses vitality yielding longevity and regeneration.

Your inspired donation will help us revitalize and renew travel and tourism, and that will give others the chance to enjoy the beauty, nourishment, and wonder of our planet for generations to come. Join us this Earth Day in our mission to create a more conscious and regenerative world for all.

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Giving to this mission is a clear act of conviction — supporting stewardship, compassion, justice, belonging, and resilience. The TTI is committed to supporting our humanity through a more conscious travel, one that fosters transformation and human solidarity.

In 2022 we launched the TTI to help us conduct research, receive and provide grants and increase access to our programs and education.

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